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Lunar habitat design study funded by ESA ( European Space Agency) OSIP program .

This lunar habitat is located in the close vicinity of one of the lunar poles in places where sunlight is almost permanently available.

The habitat will operate self-sufficiently in the long term by producing and recycling its own oxygen and food inside large greenhouses and exclusively by using solar irradiation power.

The concept features the combination of: 

    1. Prefabricated ultra-light inflatable structures 

    1. Covering the inflated structure with a 4 -5 meters thick layer of local loose regolith or efficient protection from extreme temperature, meteorites and cosmic radiation.  

    1. The use of mirrors that rotate towards the sun and bring visible sunlight into the greenhouses 

On top a hyperbolic truss frame tower holds a mirror membrane that reflects the horizontally arriving sunlight down into an artificial crater, where another cone-shaped mirror directs the sunlight into the toroidal greenhouse. The tower is based on a circular magnetic rail and rotates to follow the direction of the sun light. In order to simulate night, the mirror is simply turned away from the sun for 5-6 hours within every 24hours cycle

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