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pneumocell is an assembly-kit consisting of airtight welded cells which (like large Lego bricks) can be combined in a variety of shapes to form complete structures of practically unlimited dimensions.  Through a common edge length of 213cm or 604cm  it is guaranteed that all element-types fit together.  The cells are airtight and do not require a permanent stream of air to retain their shape. 

A complete construction of these cells retains stability by joining them in an shell-like order. If one element is damaged, the other elements can still give support to the construction, and the damaged element can be replaced; just as it works in a biological organism. 

Usually the development phase of designing pneumatic constructions is high, but pneumocell is a cost effective mass produced industrial product.

complete constructions

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download technical data sheets of complete constructions

how to assemble

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2; to start all elements are positioned on ground in deflated condition

1; these are all elements required for a dome with 10m diameter

3, nylon-zippers on the edges for connection

4, press-disks at the corners

6; complete corner point assembly

5, pipes for air-supply from element to element

7; inflate all elements via one electric blower

8, Dome complete inflated

nylon zipper
element 3
press disk
Air pipe
element double4
element 4
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element half6
element 5
element 6
oval sphere
...and there is a lot more of combinations. Your Imagination is the only limit