17.5 2008 pneumocell at Lifeball

pneumocell inflatables were an essential design-element at the viennese lifeball 2008. 950 pneumocells were used for shelter, decoration, and furniture.

Die aufblasbaren pneumocell Elemente trugen wesentlich zur Gestaltung des Lifeball 2008 bei. 950 pneumocellen wurden als Überdachung, Dekoration, und Möblierung eingesetzt.

Pneumocell shelter at Lifeball entreè 6 giant mushroom-shaped colums covering the yard
UFO made of pneumocell elements

On the outdoor stage at Rathausplatz a giant extraterrestrial space vessel designed by Alexandra Maringer ( www.maringorama.com ) was the main attraction of the Lifeball show. The main inner vessel was made by transparent pneumocell elements to get get full use of light effects: transmission, reflection, and refraction. The light pneumatic construction helped to save costs, and kept the weight of the suspended vessel below the maximum load capacity of the stage

Photo by Michael Grinner
Photo by Fritz Novopacky
Photo by Fritz Novopacky
Lifeball - Loveball made of pneumocells icosahedron

pneumocell was spontanously accepted by guests as an attractive and comfortable environment for sexual activities

Big Yard shelter shortly after erection
Photo by Andreas Tischler